Our continual goal:
Wean our Resident-Neighbors off their ventilators.

The hope for weaning individuals from mechanical ventilators is greater than ever. Our professional respiratory, nursing, dietary and medical team implements and follows proven ventilator weaning protocols which include addressing and treating the special needs of each individual.

In fact, our clinical expertise has helped Northeast Center to achieve one of the highest weaning rates in the country.

But our success doesn’t stop there: We maintain a specially equipped step-down unit for individuals who have been recently weaned from a mechanical ventilator. Our staff also provides tracheostomy care and care after decannulation.

As our Resident-Neighbors progress, they become active in the Northeast Center therapeutic community. And as they learn to become more independent, they are able to put self-sufficiency into practice on a daily basis.

The bottom line is this: Our dedicated staff has assisted thousands of patients to be able to breathe on their own once again, enabling them to gain confidence and strength as they work towards returning home to a productive life with family and friends.