Trained as nurses. Often considered angels.

At Northeast Center, we understand your concern about rehabilitative care for your loved one or possibly even yourself. Not only is our nursing staff among the most highly skilled in the field, but each and every member of the nursing staff is trained to follow and uphold these vital guidelines:

1. We strive to provide comprehensive and compassionate patient-focused rehabilitation.

2. We focus on the whole person, and understand that each person is an individual with distinct needs.

3. Our goal is to re-engage each Resident-Neighbor in everyday life according to what they can do, rather then focus on their disability.

4. We work diligently to maximize Resident-Neighbor recovery every day by removing or lessening their restrictions.

5. Our mission can best be accomplished by providing rehabilitative care through an interdisciplinary team approach.

6. Our nursing staff is dedicated to preparing the individual and their family or caregiver for transition back to their home community.