What is the NRP Program?

Our Neuro-Rehabilitation Program – or NRP – is designed to help individuals continue to progress physically, behaviorally and cognitively after their injury.

The program is organized around a core schedule of classes and special programs. Each Resident-Neighbor is assigned to one of six different levels, depending on their cognitive and behavioral ability.

One example is the Step One Program, our treatment program for individuals with alcohol and chemical dependencies. This program is certified by the NYS Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and conducted by certified alcohol and substance abuse counselors.

Our Community Access & Lifestyle Management Program is the core of the NRP.  In this program, our Resident-Neighbors are helped to progress through a series of 7 steps.  Each step involves increasing competencies and leads to greater participation in the Community.  Progress in this program is one of the best indicators of progress in the NRP.

What areas does the Program address?

Our program components are tailored to meet the abilities of the individual, and are reassessed and revised as the individual improves. Among the skills addressed are:

    • attention
    • mobility
    • communication
    • self-care
    • orientation
    • self-awarness
    • daily planning
    • brain anatomy and function
    • conflict resolution
    • disability education
    • self-advocacy
    • working with a treatment team
    • information management
    • problem solving
    • mood self-regulation
    • personal futures planning
    • anger management
    • alcohol and substance abuse
    • relationship development
    • comunity skills
    • money management
    • use of public transportaion
    • advanced wheelchair training
    • development of leisure time interests
    • use of electronic assistive devices
    • family education
    • discharge planning and orientation to community services