How NRP Works... And Why

  • Upon admission, an Interdisciplinary Treatment Team consisting of psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, nurses, neurobehavioral counselors, assistive technology specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, community reentry specialists and others conduct a comprehensive assessment.

  • Once the assessment is completed, a treatment plan is developed with the individual and family.

  • The NRP Program is a three-to-twelve-month program and operates in twelve-week cycles. Every twelve weeks, the program is assessed and the program groups are revised. A Resident-Neighbor may be admitted to the program at any time

  • The program is ‘person centered’, meaning that all treatment is focused on the individual’s personal life goals.

  • The treatment day consists of classes, group therapies, and individual therapies as indicated by the individualized plan.

  • The Interdisciplinary Treatment Team meets every fourteen days to review each Resident-Neighbor’s progress.

  • The Interdisciplinary Treatment Team develops a plan of discharge within thirty days of admission.