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Northeast Center for Special Care link portal - a comprehensive listing of web sites related to Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Ventilator Weaning, Rehabilitation, Cognitive Therapy, Neurobehavioral Disorders, Neurology, Disabilities, Independent Living
and much more.

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Podcast:  Impairments of Consciousness Part One - Introduction to the States of Consciousness Including the Vegetative State
Coma Science Group
Coma and Persistent Vegetative State Page
Coma Recovery Association
NOVA Online - Coma
Is Anybody There?
Vegetables Who Think
Understanding Coma
Coma and Persistent Vegetative State
Non-Traumatic Coma
Coma Help Page
Coma Waiting Page
The Challenge of Detecting Consciousness in Severely Brain-Injured Persons
Explaining Coma Arousal Therapy
Persistent Vegetative/Minimally Conscious State - Conference Outline
Coma - Brain Injury Association of America

Coma and Ambien

Reborn - Ambien and Persistent Vegetative State - Guardian UK Article
Sleeping Pill Wakes Woman After 2 Years in Coma - Ambien 'mini-miracle' may give more insight into how the brain works, experts say
Sleeping Pill Wakes Woman After 2 Years in Coma
'Vegetative' Woman's Brain Shows Surprising Activity
Pill 'reverses' vegetative state
Sleeping pill may rouse coma patients

Coma Stimulation Coma Arousal

Goals and Techniques of Coma Stimulation
Coma Stimulation - Cognitive Enhancing Agents
Coma Stimulation Therapy
Understanding and Managing Coma Stimulation - Are We Doing Everything We Can?
Chat Transcript on Coma Stimulation
Music Therapy Research - Coma
Neurology Channel - Coma
Coma Stimulation - BIAUSA
Explaining Coma Arousal Therapy

Coma Scales

Glasgow Coma Scale
Modified Glasgow Coma Scale

COMA - HBO Documentary - Official Site
fMRI reveals large-scale network activation in minimally conscious patients
UCLA Neurosurgery - Coma
Wikipedia - Coma
Vegetative State - National Health Service UK
Misdiagnosing the persistent vegetative state
The Mohonk Report - Disorders of Consciousness:  Assessment, Treatment and Research Needs
Clinical Management of Impaired Consciousness in Wake of Schiavo Case
Coma Signs & Symptoms - Mayo Clinic
Coma Causes - Mayo Clinic
Coma Risk Factors - Mayo Clinic
Persistent Vegetative State - NIH
Sleep clue to coma
Low Level Neurological States Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Man in coma for six years wakes after doctors 'jump-start' his brain
Ambien Gives Hope to Coma Patients - The Sleeping Pill May Make Brain Injury Victims More Responsive
Ambien Official FDA information, side effects and uses
Awakenings: Return To Life
Treatment For Those In Vegetative State? Participants Invited For MossRehab Study On Impact Of Drug Ambien
Can Ambien Wake Up PVS Patients?

Coma Stimulation Following a TBI
Minimally Conscious Patient Makes Strides Following Deep Brain Stimulation
Sensory Stimulation for Patients in Coma or Persistent Vegetative State - Cigna Coverage Information
Sensory Stimulation for Brain-Injured Patients in Coma or Vegetative State - Blue Cross of California Information
Explaining Coma Arousal Therapy
Man woken from virtual coma after six years
Sound - music therapy in coma patients: illustration through a clinical case

Rancho Los Amigos
Ranchos Los Amigos Revised

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